Something New

Yes, the post title is not much, but after the programming struggle I just went through, I hope you will understand.  The something new is actually a pair of items on my main sidebar.  The first is a PayPal donation button.  Oh, groan, not another one of those.  I know, there are a lot of sites that want your money and so do I.  I won’t lie to you.  I am unhappy where I am and wish to find a way to live a creative life as I have expressed in many of my posts on writing.  I am hoping this will be a small step towards my destination.  Of course, I am hoping that you, who have read my blog and some of my stories, will help me move into another level; however, if you can’t, I understand.  I find it very hard in my situation to donate to causes like myself.

The second, new item is a MP3  file titled “Another Shift” inside the Box widget below the Donation button.   This is a recording I did on my I-Phone of me reading a flash fiction piece I wrote a while back.  It is yours free to download whether you donate or not.  As I state in the recording, I am distributing this file to you under creative commons guidelines.  Download, copy, and share the file all you want but do not change or sell it.  So if you can’t donate, please share my blog with others who might.

If this little experiment works, I may add more readings for you to enjoy, maybe even with better readers than myself.  Thanks for sharing in this journey.

P.S.  The struggle I had was getting the PayPal button onto the sidebar!  I think I will have a headache for days from that one.


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