On the Shores of the Infinite

Courtesy of Image Shack

Woke up with this thought in my head about computer animation in games and movies.  People have  stated the impossibility of creating computer characters and worlds that are as believable as the real world we look at everyday, while I may be treading in waters swum in by others, here are my thoughts on the reason why this is the truth.

Computer animated characters and worlds will always give themselves away no matter how good they get because of one reason.  Our world and our perceptions are created from an infinite well.  We may be consciously fooled by our desire to live extraordinary lives of fantasy in immersive computer generated worlds, but our subconscious will always know the difference.  Our minds are designed to perceive the world around us, which is made of infinite layers of matter and interactions and was laid down long before computers came along.  In other words, the computer generated worlds will always be lagging behind in depth compared to the world we can physically perceive.

Yes, computer simulations can and will improve vastly, but they will always lag behind what was created before.  Yes, we can be consciously fooled, in some ways, because we will never be truly able grasp the entirety of the world around us.  This is because no human that has lived so far has lived long enough to experience every facet of the infinite ocean we live near.  We stand on the shore of infinity and wade into the shallows then try to make a copy with our computers.  Think of the lessons learned from fractal geometry with its infinitely repeating patterns, can we truly capture every nuance of the world we live within?

Interesting addendum, even though computers will never be able to make worlds as realistic as our own, the worlds they create will carry the infinite nature of our world in them through the infinite interactions of the materials and programs the computer is made of.  In other words, they are infinite because they are made from our reality.


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