These damn minorities are sucking this country dry.

Courtesy of Image Shack

Let me preface this post by saying that I am going to write a lot of stereotypical bigotry about minorities in America, not as a supporter, but as a means to an end.  I hope you are willing to wade through the slander to reach an ending  I hope explains and enlightens.  To those who have read many of my previous posts, you will know that these venomous sentences do not represent my way of thinking; however, I will not lie and say that the thoughts have never crossed my mind.  I am human after all.

Let’s begin.  Those lazy blacks are nothing but criminals and welfare suckers who never do a descent days work.  They live for the government handout, screwing hardworking citizens out of their money by living off the our taxes.  They ruin the areas they live in and expect taxpayers to pick up the tab.  Mexicans, on the other hand, steal jobs from honest Americans and bring their families along to overrun our great democracy.  They are good for nothing criminals grabbing government benefits without paying taxes.  The Chinese are taking all of the good high-tech jobs and manufacturing so that honest Americans have to survive on the scraps.  White people are getting screwed by these minorities leaching all the money out of our economy and expecting the government to subsidize their extravagant lifestyles.  They are sucking this country dry and we shouldn’t put up with it anymore.  How dare they?

Oh, wait a minute,  I think I forgot a minority.  One that is a small percentage of America’s population yet wields an extremely loud voice within the halls of government.  They cry foul whenever anyone demands they give up their government dole or are asked to contribute more and take less.  They constantly rally to create legislation favorable to themselves no matter the cost to other taxpayers and when it results in a big corrupt fiasco, they blame others and act like the wounded party.   They demand that the rest of us owe them the lifestyles they have.

Yes, yes, now I remember, they are the wealthiest 1%.  For a small minority, they have rigged our government to feed them money hand over fist and complain that we don’t do enough for them.  Their voice causes government officials to quake in fear of standing up to them or in exultation at the prospect of shadowy perks.  Their methods are so insidious that many of us give to them unquestioningly while we begrudge a poor person help with medical costs.  It amazes me how blind we can be to the abuses of this small minority just because it comes in a glitzy wrapper, which we sadly believe will be shared with us.  Wake up and see that the rich are scamming the system as much as any other person who doesn’t really need the help.  For every welfare queen there is a corrupt CEO looking for ways to get money for nothing and we are paying for both.


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