Hooray for the Shutdown

Believe it or not, I am not a Republican sympathizer, but I still want the shutdown to continue, not because I want to see people hurt, but that I want to open the eyes of the idiots who support the no government agenda.  It is always easier to say get rid of something when you assume it will have no effect on you.  Most of the non 1% people who side with the radical Tea Party Republican movement have absolutely no idea of how entwined the US Government is within their lives.

They take for granted services such as police forces, emergency services, food and health inspections, courts, laws, government paychecks, etc.  When more and more government employees are without pay and businesses are not making sales and begin lays as well, maybe they will see how much their job depends on the government.  When government activities that they did not know affected their lives begin to rear their heads, maybe they will learn.  When the 1% does nothing for them when the effects hit them, maybe they will understand that they are nothing but cannon fodder for the 1%.

I hate to see people suffer, which is why I made arguments for the bail out of Wall Street although it made me mad; however, I am now seeing that as a mistake.  Not because I agree with the Republican view that we should have stayed out and let the markets handle the problem, but because I believe people really needed to see the real results of the stupid improperly regulated economic system we created.  By easing the effects of the disastrous activities of the banking sector, people soon forgot the damage that was done and went back to doing business as usual, no lessons learned.  We are still following the same model that created the meltdown and will cause it again in the future.

I say make it hurt, even though it scares me.  If we don’t quit paying for our former prosperity and our current status-quo with the money of our children, they will have nothing.  This country needs severely shaken out of its comfortable illusions of superiority and security.  Again, I say hooray for the shutdown.


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