Money for Nothing

I had to laugh this morning when I saw the news blurb on my e-mail home page before I went to my mail.  It stated that the house had passed a bill assuring that furloughed government workers would receive back pay for their time off.  Really, fiscal conservatives?  This is how you show your superior governing abilities?  You hold our government hostage, by the way this means you are holding the country hostage as well, by saying you won’t make a budget until Obama care is repealed as a law since it will cost the country too much, then when the #$@%**! hits the fan you turn around and say we are taking you hostage, but we will pay for it.

First question, if Congress is so fiscally responsible, why are they still getting paid during all of this?  If their paychecks were on the line, I bet they would work a lot faster to resolve the issue.  Second question, again about fiscal responsibility, if the government and the country cannot afford Obama care, how can they afford to pay government workers for doing nothing?  Make no mistakes about it, that is exactly what the GOP and Tea Party Republican’s are trying to do with this bill.  They want to be able to have their cake and eat it too.  On one hand, they are showing the country how far they are willing to go to get their way, even endangering the safety of this country, which is another fact lost on these idiots.  By causing so much confusion and disruption publicly, they are tempting are enemies to take advantage of the situation.  On the other, they are attempting to mitigate some of the economic havoc they have created by paying government employees for staying home.  Basically, they are giving government employees free paid shutdown holidays.

This congress is like a spoiled brat who throws a tantrum because their friends didn’t give them all their attention and then when their parents reach out to spank them, they cower and promise to do all their homework, or take out the trash, or anything not to get spanked.  Well, you have thrown your tantrum at the cost of this countries safety and it is time to stand up and take your punishment like an adult.  If your reasons are as important to you as you are showing, then take your licks and stick to your guns.  If, however, you are realizing the mistake you made, then make a true amends and take you punishment.  Learn your lesson and move on, quit playing games.

For a solid write-up on the situation, go to Stonekettle Station by Jim Wright on facebook and look at the post titled “Deadlock”.  I would post a link, but that stuff is beyond me when it comes to facebook.


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