Chaos on the Mountain–t-mountain

As this Sept. 19th 2012 episode of The Daily Show with John Stewart shows, the Republican’s have nothing but bullshit to offer.

One thing I really took away from this show was the fact that Republican’s like to say that damage control on incidents like this are a distraction from the real issues.  I view it more as a light be turned on in a room full of scurrying rats.  More so because I feel that the current Republican platform is nothing more than a distraction from the fact that taxpayers are funding 2.22 Billion of corporate welfare to companies like AT&T and Exxon while still being racked over the coals by these companies.  We as taxpayers are subsudizing the lavish salaries of these companies’ CEO because if they had to pay their own bills, the payouts would not be so lavish.  Basically, these companies are double dipping into our pockets while they harass us about paying our bills.  Damn, this CEO stuff is hard.  Think of the time they have to spend smoozing Senators and Congressman to get laws passed that go your way and to get special funding assistants.  Eating steak and lobster is hard on the jaws.

The simple fact people, is that our tax dollars are subsidizing the paychecks of many coporate CEO’s, Wall Street Bankers, and other companies and the Republicans stand for substantially more of it.


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