In a Good Place

I am currently working on a tattoo design for my nephew.  I made the design a year or two ago but did not have the means to properly transfer the image to the canvas to do the painting for him to reference and so it sat just colored in with markers.  Meanwhile, I have been watching the progression from traditional to computer created artwork and am amazed by what is being achieved.  However, I held back because I personally felt that because the computer was doing some of the work, it was cheating.  I know, stuck in the stone age.  Still, I do have some qualms, but I have decided to do the tattoo digitally.  I am having fun playing with things and trying to create like I did with paint.  When I get finished, I may post it to my deviantart page.  In another venue, my first short story, Vengeance, has finally been published in the anthology Tales of the Sword by Red Skies Press.  I will warn that the editing is a little shabby in some of the stories but still readable.  One of  the standouts so far was the story Elijah’s Fear by fellow writer Nila White.  Please consider giving the collection a look on


One thought on “In a Good Place

  1. Oh, that’s sweet of you to mention me! I haven’t gotten it yet. When I do, I’ll review on my blog.

    In regards to the shabby editing…that’s why I think I can do an anthology, too. I’m thinking about one for next year. What do you think the theme should be?

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