Where’s the Priority?

I have two interesting thoughts for you today.

1.  Putting all the other rhetoric aside from the current campaign for Presidency, there is one area of the Republican platform that I want to focus on, which pertains to the entire party.  The stated goal of the Republican party at the beginning of President Obama’s term in office was to make him a one term president.  This, of course, is the goal of any opposing party; however, given the condition our country was in, I find that this one track focus did not help the middle class.

I guess I find it hard to believe in the fact that all other considerations took second place to this one goal and the fact that people support this agenda.  When people were losing their jobs, benefits, and homes and congress blocked every form of help, who in their right mind supported the Republicans.  While the rich were recovering nicely and the middle class were still out of work, who in their right minds were supporting the Republicans.  How patriotic is it to receive donations from the 1% while blocking every form of help for the 99% in order to stall the economy to blame Obama and defeat him in the next election.  How blind do you have to be to not see that you are damaging yourself and others by supporting politicians who are only looking to get more power?  While I understand that Democrats are not angels, at least they have not totally abandoned us.

2.  How can people support the Catholic church after years of scandals and lies?  The Catholic Church tells its member what they are to believe because this is what God says yet they follow a set of internal rules that reflect the teachings of satan.  What does it take for people to say enough.  How can anyone continue to support anti-gay and anti-abortion rhetoric from leaders who turn a blind eye to child molestation and gay sex-rings?  How can you demand that others bring children into this world and faith knowing that they may be molested or unwelcome?  The teachings of Christ were of love and compassion, while the Catholic Church is about obedience and earthly power.  I am not defending gays and abortion, what I am saying is that God is the ultimate judge of the sinner.  It is not man’s place to make these decisions.  Trust unto the lord with all thine heart, and leaneth not unto thine own understanding (as close as I can remember to the bible verse).


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