Second Amendment Remedies

Well, Sharon Angle should be proud of herself.  It seems that a lot of people lately are taking advantage of her advice for solving their problems.  You like to play the joker but feel that it is not real enough, use the remedy.  Issue with a coworker, take the remedy.   Hell, that guy with the annoying cough who is just driving you crazy, thank God the NRA made it easy to carry around your remedy.  Why use the remedy only for political change?  What an ice breaker it could be at your next party.  Tired of waiting in line.  You know what to do.  This unbalanced madness that is the NRA and the new norm of the republican party won’t stop until everyone is carrying a bazooka to work and firefights are just part of a bad monday.  Of course, this would all change if one of these idiots ended up being the victim, or would it, since their buddies could care less as long as the money flows.


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