Your Politics are What You Eat

This post was brought about by three separate influences.  The most recent was the final few minutes of Tosh.0 on comedy central last night.  I normally don’t watch the show but I was waiting for the Colbert report to come on and caught web videos of young people pledging to give something up that they love until abortions end.  The second was the political nonsense surrounding Chick-fil-a’s founder’s opinion of Gay marriage.  While I agree that he has the right to his opinion and supporters of gay marriage have to respect that.  They also have a right to boycott the franchise as his supporters have the right to make themselves fat supporting him.  I just found the whole business of millions of people going out to support what to my mind are un-christian ideals, disgusting.  The final  influence was the founder of Poppa John’s pizza trying to cash in on the same fanaticism of the right by going on Fox news damning Obamacare.  You can tell this was just a play to get millions of people to by his pizzas and make tons of money.

Now the meat of the post is very simple.  I have decided to make two pledges of my own supporting my opinions.  The first, I pledge to not eat at Chick-Fil-A until the Catholic Church treats pedafile priest as the criminals they are and takes responsibility for their former actions.  Second, I pledge to not eat at Poppa John’s pizza until Superpacs are no longer a part of our political landscape.   I encourage anyone reading this post to show their support by joining me and writing a comment saying so.


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