Reality of Realty

I am currently learning the hard lessons of owning realty.  I have been living in my dad’s house with the intent of fixing it up for my own while my dad lives with his fiance.  Unfortunately, the house has been let go a bit and needs TLC for which I need a loan to afford to make the repairs.  However, banks have finally desided to be a little more cautious when giving them out so I am in a crash course to make the leaky cellar look better so I can get the loan to make it, well, better.  Of course, as I go along, I am seeing more and more that needs done.  I just have to keep plugging.


One thought on “Reality of Realty

  1. I feel for you. Twenty years ago when we bought our house, it needed some TLC. So much so, we tore it down. Of course, it is gorgeous now, but it took 20 years. Home ownership is not for the faint of heart.

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