Obama/Romney Care

I seem to be full of questions this morning.  For those that are opposed to Obamacare on the basis that the government cannot force you to have insurance, how can any government then be allowed to force you to have car insurance?  While I understand the reasons and agree with them, by your standards, you should not tolerate such invasive government policies.  How can you allow one and not the other?


2 thoughts on “Obama/Romney Care

  1. Yeah, this is one that never fails to upset me. Over the weekend, NPR did some interviews of folks against (and for) Obamacare, and though one guy lauded Romney for doing it in Mass., he said he wasn’t for Obama’s plan. When asked why, he said, “I like what I got.” Basically, that he was happy with the socialized Medicare that he was currently receiving. What was unanswered or unsaid in that interview was: who is paying (or paid) for his Medicare?

  2. Another argument that I love is “why should I have to help fund other peoples care?” The simple truth is that you already do through doctor and hospital charges. In my area there was some Catholic hospital running a commercial thanking, I beleive, UPMC for helping them to provide care for the needy. Guess what UPMC patient, UPMC didn’t help them out, you did. The same goes for those that come in for emergency care without insurance. The hospitals can’t kick them to the curb, yet. Of course, with the republican plan they would. So who does pay for their care. Yep, you guessed it, the paying customer. Sorry for the language, people, get your heads out of your asses!!!!

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