Mitt the Barbarian

                The current Republican Ideology, embodied by their Golden boy, is based in the ancient barbaric adage “survival of the fittest”.  Then it was he who was strongest who won the right to procreate and lead the tribe.  Those that could not compete became subjects of the strong and were denied the fruits of their labor.  Now, the brute is the person with the most money who throws their weight around forcing others to do their bidding and drives away any competition by the savage use of economic superiority.  To control the tribe they work to weaken any that threaten their control.  Vast amounts of money are spent to destroy unions through laws and relocation of plants.  Education is driven out of reach of the greater masses making them more susceptible to control.  The balancing activities of the government are portrayed as evil and against God.

                All civilizations have fought to overcome the “might makes right” mentality of the barbarian by creating rules or laws to balance the damaging effects of overpowering individuals.  Allowing any one person to direct the course of civilization has invariably led to disaster.  A diverse set of views strengthens nations by giving them the ability to deal with many types of issues, while the barbaric ideal of one strong leader is far too rigid to handle different problems.  The Republican barbarians see only one way to deal with a problem, bludgeon the issue with money and then pick the pockets of the dead and frightened.

                Is this really the direction we want to go in America?  Hitler told the world that only Germans were fit to lead.  Where is he now?  What happened to Germany?  The Romans were smug in their greatness compared to other civilizations and used their force indiscriminately.  How did that turn out?  Egypt was big on slavery.  Well, you get the picture.  America’s current course leads down this same path.  I am not only talking about the Republicans here.  All the politicians that are allowing the wealthy to purchase our government away from us are guilty of barbaric savagery.  In the end, they will all wear the blood of another civilization on their hands.

P.S.  Super-pacs are the clubs these neanderthals are using to beat us into submission.  Where are our homo sapiens with a superior tool to dislodge these fossils?


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