China, Favored by God?

So there is this guy who is trying to become President of the United States and he goes on a tour of some countries that are allied with the United States.  While there, this guy says something to the effect that countries like Palestine and Mexico are less successful because of their cultures.  In other words, their cultural immorality is the reason for their poor standing within the world community.  He later added that one country was doing so well because it was favored by God.

This got me to thinking, given how well China is currently doing in the world, they must also be favored by God.  What is more, if we take the world standing as a demarkation of Gods favor, then China must be more favored by God then the United States.  This must surely be so since many of our business leader, these bastions of our Godly imperative, feel compelled to take work from citizens of the United States and give it to slaves, ahem, I mean citizens of China.  Huh, I guess the Bible Belt better start burning the midnight candle with their prayers so that we don’t end up like Palestine or Mexico.


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