O’ you Rich Beggar

I may have mentioned this in another post but it still burns me how businesses are manipulating our system of government for the gains of a few at the top.  I happened upon an article a month or two ago about taxpayers having to pay millions of dollars to have a former steel company’s site cleaned up in order to get an oil refining company to come in.  I find it hypocritical of the leaders of these companies who tell us how damaging governmental regulations are and how bad government is then come hat in hand whenever they want something.  So the rich owners leave their mess like a spoiled teenager and force their mother, us, to clean it up or they will not love us.  What is sad is that in years to come, when the oil refinery leaves, the taxpayer will again be asked to foot the bill for the cleanup.

Government, to them, only counts when it helps them gain wealth.  When others ask for their fair share or demand fair compensation for wrong doing, government is suffocating and socialism and part of the axis of evil.  What I find even more disgusting is that so many people let them do it.  I have talked to people who would rail against these companies if it was done to them, yet be mum if it did not affect them.  Worse, if a company they were invested in did something callous and damaging to someone else, they would fight for the company.  Right is apparently a matter of financial context.  Stop me if you heard this one.  There was an American company that was found to be using outside foreign production where women were being forced into prostitution by their employer.  The companies solution to, I believe governmental sanctions or public outcry, was to get a hired gun to stir up the religious republican base to defend the company by saying it was promoting Christianity by giving the women bibles.  The company won.

In the end, this country is doomed like all those before it because we make riches the only expression of our wealth.  Our morals are only of the moment and based on who is paying us.  Who of us will stand up and say that this is wrong even though it hurts them.  For my part, I have a recently become aware of something some people would probably use to weaken my position.  For a long time, I believed that Bill Clinton was one of our best Presidents and, of course, a Democrat.  However, history is painting him in a different light for me.  His second strike came for me with the HBO movie “The Special Relationship”, which painted a different picture of the handling of Serbia.  I will admit that I have not researched whether there is any political motivation behind the movie but given the next fact, I can believe it to be true.  The third strike comes from the fact that the repeal of Glass-Steagle, which played a large part in the 2008 financial meltdown, was signed into law by Bill Clinton.  Coupled with his first strike of being amorally promiscuous, I have lost faith in the accomplishments of his presidency.  While this may give strength to any opposed to what I say here, right is right.  However, I still do not see any merit in the current Republican platform either.


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