Well, Darn, I Just Don’t Feel Like Talkin’

Yes, I still have lots to say, but I am having, what for me is an all to few occurrence, a lack of obsessive need to write about it.  I’ll let you guys in on a secret.  I rarely write this stuff off the cuff.  Usually, these posts brew over days, sometimes weeks, as I build as solid an argument as I can and look at the reasons for the post.  My post “Let’s Set the Pace” was running in my head for months.  While I thought of the reasons why I wanted to write it, I cringed at the backlash I expected to receive from reactionaries who did not read the entire post.  I’ll have to say that I was disappointed with the lack of response since I would love to discuss it further.  I would love discuss any of my posts further but for now, no new arguments.  They are still brewing.


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