I don’t bite

I just wanted to let you, my faithful reader that I have yet to have, that I don’t bite.  Yes, I do write a lot of stuff that is highly political or religious, but I actually like the challenge of discussion.  Please don’t be afraid to debate these issues with me.  I’ll warn you now that I will make you work for it; however, if you succeed in changing my mind, the next person will find it harder to change it again.  Let’s just have fun with this.


2 thoughts on “I don’t bite

  1. The sad fact is that most folks don’t bother to comment. It is just the way it is. (sigh)

    I don’t get very many readers (like a handful, maybe 10 visits a day), but the folks who do visit are very chatty – like you and me! 😀

    • Thanks Nila. I’m just hoping to encourage, especially the ones I hopefully angered, to discuss the posts. You know me, I really do relish a good argument as long as it doesn’t get nasty.

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