Open Mouth, Insert Golden Spoon, and Cry like a Two Year Old Denied More Ice Cream

I am so sick of hearing the Republican Party’s, and their rich backers, whiny attitude about being asked to pay a little more taxes.  They are spending millions of dollars on a campaign ad blitz built upon an out of context sound bite from President Obama.  The sound bite played out of context is “… If you own a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen …”  The first problem is when you here the entire speech, you find out that he was referring to the highway system and infrastructure that allows businesses to thrive.  The second problem is that even if you focus on the misrepresented sound bite, the idea is still valid and says something of the truth that Republicans work very hard to befuddle.

 The truth is that the people behind these ads are not only greedy beyond belief, but they also have huge John Gault complexes.  They strive very hard to convince the gullible public that businessmen like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mitt Romney created the businesses that made them wealthy solely on their own.  Anyone who is dumb enough to believe this BS should be locked away for their own protection.  There is no way any one person could make a company into a multi-million or multi-billion dollar business on their own.  If the business is a service, a lone person could not interact with enough customers to create that kind of wealth and if they could do so with only a few customers, I would seriously question the legality of the service.  Now the entrepreneur that has an idea for a product, they may be able to sell a lot alone, but again not enough to make millions.  Also, even if they make the product themselves, they had to get raw materials from somewhere; they had to get the product to the customer; they needed capital to start production.  In other words, they had workers helping them.

Steve Jobs did not personally build every Apple computer, I-Phone, or I-Pad.  He did not write every line of code that runs them or each individual component with which they are made.  Now I am going to say the most sacrilegious thing a Republican could hear, Steve Jobs was completely replaceable.  Yes, even the mighty founder of Apple could have been replaced. We might have had to wait a little longer, but someone else would have eventually taken us down the same path.  They may even have done it better.  Time and need will create the will to create something independent of any one person.  If all the multi-billionaires suddenly disappeared from the earth, yes, the world economy would collapse for years, maybe decades as we sorted out the mess, but others would eventually step into the gaps.  The simple truth is that billionaires are no less irreplaceable than a good worker.

In reality, the Republican’s would have us believe that business owners live in a bubble of rarified air separated from the rest of the world.  We on the outside are a starving mass of savages that only know how to scratch our asses and beg from the almighty businessman.  Through the businessman’s kind generosity, we are given sustenance to make our lives better and if that sustenance was withheld, we would die immediately.  What a pile of bull.  The simple truth is that the shoe is on the other foot. If we did not mine the resources to make the product, they would not make money. If we did not build the products they created, they would not make any money.  If we did not transport the products to a seller, they would not make money.  If we did not take receipt of the money from the customer, they would not make money, and most importantly, if we did not buy their products, they would not make money.  In the end, we are the ant to their grasshopper.  We do most of the work and they take the cream of the crop.


As for the John Gault complex, all I can say is that he was a fictional character that never had to deal with reality.  Question, in their little island utopia, who built the houses that they lived in?  I highly doubt it was any of the rebel entrepreneurs.  I can just imagine the fight to see who was lowest on the totem pole and; thus, had to do all the labor.  Which ones had to be servants to the others?  What many millionaire businessmen don’t understand is that, while you may be bigger than a lot of us, you are still nothing but a servant to the Billionaires.  You better decide whose side you want to be on, the side that truly makes the economy work or the side that sucks money out of the economy for their own personal tally sheets in the game of who has the most.

Hey Republicans, take that golden spoon out of your mouth, quit crying, and don’t ask for any more ice cream until you have done your chores!



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