A Failure of Imagination, America

As I have done many times on my old blog when I had thought I reached the end of what I wanted to say, more showed up banging ceaselessly upon my brow until I wrote it down or got a headache.  Apparently, I had some more failures rattling around my head and they had a distictively American flavor.

1.  Americans fail to imagine that the large investment banks currently hold our economy and our lives in hostage to their greedy whims.  Some will say that this is just business and it is the way it should be.  These people fail to imagine that their great lives could be lost in an instant of greed from someone bigger than themselves.  Our entire way of life is in the hands of the people that control the money.  If this was not the case, we would not have to worry about Bain capital buying our companies and sending the jobs overseas.  We would not have to worry about the banks not loaning money to keep our businesses running.  Here is something to think about, control of information has been said to be the key to the future, so how do you control the information?  Money.  If you don’t beleive me, check into who owns what media and what media controls which news company.

2.  Americans fail to imagine that their every purchase, from a house to a car to a pack of gum, affects people the world over.  They fail to see the depth of the connections between us and every other country.  You cannot threaten China with trade sactions without understanding the costs to our own economy and vice versa.  A person buying a pack of gum has the weight of the world on his back.  They are employing hordes of people from the grocery clerk that makes sure the gum is on the shelf to the cashier that checks you out.  They are paying for the truck driver that delivered the product as well as the gas delivery driver that brought the fuel to run his truck.   You employ the warehouse worker who unloads the truck from the manufaturor of the gum.  You employ all the workers including the CEO of the Gum manufacturor.  You are also paying for the advertisers to sell you on buying the gum through commercials, packaging, or research.  You are funding governmental agencies that oversee and regulate the companies.  Further, you are financing the people that create the ingredients including those used in packaging, which may be in another country.  Let us not forget the oil workers across the globe who labor to suppy us with the fuel for every aspect of this single transaction.   You are paying for the betting on Wall Street for all of the companies involved here and in turn, all the foriegn and domestic speculators involved in Wall Street.  Ok, enough.  My head hurts and I could just go on and on.


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