Wrapped around their finger

This post will change your life, well, maybe if it sinks in, if your willing to think about it, if I am not foaming at the mouth.  Ok, there is a good chance it won’t, but I hope I reach someone.  This post was inspired by a rant on dailyrichblog at wordpress.com.  His post dealt with the fervor over a negative review of The Dark Night Rises by someone who has seen the film in advance.

Dailyrich commented about how rabidly attached people get to certain franchises and how unwilling they are to take criticism of said franchises.  For want of a better word, geeks.  To begin with, I myself have at times found myself among the rabid masses and occasionally still do.  My post; however, is not about what they do, but why they do it.  I draw from my own experience from the past and with respect to this blog.  The people who get so worked up about and respond to criticism of something as trivial in the end as a Batman movie have invested a part of themselves in the object of their obsession.

For me it is people responding to my posts.  At times in the past it has been about the Star Wars franchise.  I wrap a part of my self-worth into the object I obsess about.  When someone criticises the object, they are criticising me, which causes me to lash out at them.  The same could be said for many a geek.  Some of their self-worth is wrapped around what ever they choose to love.  Unfortunately, by accounting your self-worth to something outside yourself, you set yourself up to either be hurt a lot or piss others off defending the object you connect with.  No matter what object it is, there will always be someone who does not like it.  In addition, eventually you may someday find yourself disappointed by the object of your self-worth. 

My main point in all of this is not to attach your worth to anything outside yourself.  You cannot control anything out in the world, even the responses to what you say, so wrapping a part of you around something is a problem waiting to happen.  Your feelings are going to get hurt, you will hurt someone elses feelings, you will lose yourself, or be let down.  It is ok to enjoy things like a movie just don’t connect it with your self-worth.


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