For those coming from my old blog I have added a progress meter for a rewrite of a story I ran in one of the monthly flash fiction contests.  For those of you that are new to my blog, I have been writing flash and short SFF stories for several years now with my first due to be published in an anthology soon.  At sffworld.com, we have been running monthly flash fiction contests for about three years now.  There are no prizes other than critical feedback and challenging topics, but the winner of each contest does get to pick the theme for the next contest.  For me, as well as others, it is a place to hone our skills, which I for one have gained greatly.  Lepidoptera (latin name for butterfly) is one such story I wrote that was well received; however, many commented on the feeling of a much larger world that they would like to visit.  The rewrite I am going to undertake will hopefully fulfill that sense of grandness.


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