Quandary of Double-Stuffed Proportions

Here is one for our Free Enterprise revering moral Christian Republicans in the form of a quandary of ethical choices.  I watched a rerun of the Colbert Report from last week and one of the main topics was the controversy created when Nabisco ran an ad for Oreo’s showing support for the Gay community.  The ad showed a Oreo with several layers of stuffing each with a different color, which was a nod to the Rainbow symbolism of the Gay community.

Of course, right-wing groups denounced the ad for religious reasons.  What I question is the precarious relationship that Republican’s and especially the far right-wing have with the business world, which, for a lack of a better term, is their bank.  The quandary you have put yourself into is as follows:

1.  Republican’s focus on the business world as the bastion of American spirit.  The pillars of our country, which we should revere without question.  Then, if they are fine with supporting the Gay lifestyle, then you, by supporting them, should by default revere Gays.

2.  On the other hand, if you believe that God absolutely forbids the Gay life style, then you have to abandon any support for the business world.  In the end, business is driven by the bottom line and if they feel they are losing money by ignoring or can make money by supporting the Gay community, they will.  Your bastions of moral rectitude will stab you in the back every time.

By the convoluted justifications of your religious and political ideals, you have put yourself in a lose-lose situation.  By your strict and unyielding viewpoints, you have tied yourself in a knot and look foolish as usual.  Try something Jesus advocated, compassion.


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