Let us set the Pace

God is a murderer.

Christ is a suicide.

While you take a second to close your mouth from shock, anger, or any other reaction, I would like to say that I am writing this not as an indictment of God or Christ, but as a reaction to how some religions treat people.  First off, I do not intend to deal with the prior statement, just the latter.  Being human, I struggle with Christ’s turn the other cheek mandate when it comes to murderers; however, I have written a story called “Cast the First Stone” based on the implications I see of such morals.  As a point of logic though, God set everything up for Christ to be crucified, which makes him a murderer.  Second, as stated, I do not intend blasphemy with respect to the Christian faith.  I am only trying to point out what I see as failed teachings in some Christian religions.  Finally, I wish to encourage a greater good by hopefully challenging religious leaders to think better toward the families of suicides.

 I stated the above thoughts very starkly, shall I say “Black and White”, since I have noticed that many of the more fractious Christian religions tend to very narrow or strict interpretations of God and Christ.  They say things like “If you are not XXX, you are going to Hell” or “A divorced person cannot be a part of our religion”.  Such sayings to me seem to be counter to the greater teachings of Christ, which are about love and forgiveness.  One of the sayings I have heard often is that people who commit suicide are sent to hell.  Yes, if you use a very narrow interpretation of the Bible, a suicide commits murder against themselves, which is against God’s “Thou shalt not kill”; don’t get me started about all that.  However, an equally valid narrow assertion then is that Christ is a suicide.  He was clearly capable of keeping himself from being crucified but chose not to.  I do understand the reasons and am grateful, but in a strictly limited view of the world, he is a suicide.

 While I am not intimately acquainted with anyone who knows a suicide, I have been aware of the religious aspects for some time and have seen movies that use the religious doctrines pertaining to suicides.  Two such movies are “Constantine” and “Kingdom of Heaven”.  In “Kingdom of Heaven”, a priest taunts Orlando Bloom’s character with the fact that his wife, who committed suicide, was buried without her head because of religious law.  I believe this was actually standard practice during the time period of the movie.  I thought “how horrible a thing that was to say to someone grieving the loss of a loved one”.  Understanding the way the world works, I began to view such attitudes as wrong.

If God so loved the world that he gave his only son, which was in atonement for the sins of man past, present, and future, how could he not forgive someone who folded under the evils that this world contains?  If God could forgive his son for allowing himself to be crucified for our sins, then could he not forgive us for failing?  Instead of condemning suicides and their families for their failures, we should be showing the same mercy Christ showed us by praying for the departed and comforting those left behind.  Too many of the loudest religions spend more time denouncing everyone for not living up to their envisioned perfection of God instead of lifting them up when they fall.  Compassion and Empathy are the most important qualities of a religion.


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