There goes the neighborhood!

Hello wordpress.  I have finally decided to move my blog from sffworld to here and am looking forward to playing with the improved options given the lack of them before.  I hope to eventually add a link to my old blog, which I have pulled into a word document that is about 113 pages long.  I will warn you now that I talk a lot about how I feel things are going in the world from an American standpoint, only one I have of course.  However, many of my posts will surprise people I hope.  I also talk about my love, which is Science Fiction and Fantasy.  So expect the unexpected and buckle your seatbelts.  It is going to be a bumpy ride.  P.S.  Please be gentle on my spelling issues


3 thoughts on “There goes the neighborhood!

  1. Welcome! I, for one, am very happy to have you on my block!

    I’ll add you to my blogroll later tonight.

    If you plan on posting everyday, use the postaday tag to get more readers.

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